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Effects of corrosion

Effects of corrosion & how to prevent corrosion

Corrosion of most materials is inevitable. It is the result of these materials being in an unstable state in their environment. The deterioration caused can have an immense effect on our lives. From economic to health and safety issues, corrosion has had deep implications on the way we live. With the advances in technology, it has become quite important to take steps to prevent corrosion. The effects of corrosion are plenty. Let us take a look at some of them:

Economic effects

Corrosion can prove to be a headache for businesses and governments. Every year, they incur huge losses because of corrosion. Some countries have even attempted to determine the costs of corrosion and the numbers are staggering. Corrosion has also affected large corporations in their operations. Some companies take effective measures, like using excellent materials and constantly modifying their equipment to prevent corrosion which has obviously improved their growth and productivity.

Health effects

Modern day advances have brought about revolutionary changes in our health systems. Metal prosthetic devices such as pacemakers, hip joints and other implants have made a lot of previously impossible feats possible. But the problem of corrosion has caused many limitations. Corrosion causes inflammation of some products around implants and sometimes, even fracture of weight-bearing prosthetic devices. The good news is that these prosthetic devices are constantly improving. Preventing corrosion in these devices and other medical equipment will surely improve health conditions drastically.

Safety effects

Structures that cannot sustain their environment can prove to be very dangerous. It can cause serious injuries and even loss of life. Corrosion endangers the safety of our modern day structures like aircrafts, bridges, automobile, pipelines and so on. One defective aircraft or a collapsing bridge can have serious consequences on so many lives. Governments and responsible authorities must make sure that the effects of corrosion are minimised to ensure safety of citizens by taking effective corrosion prevention measures.

Technological effects

Corrosion has considerably hindered many advances in technology. Quite a few advances require materials to withstand high temperatures and highly corrosive environments. The drilling for oil in sea and land have also been deterred due to problems caused by corrosion which has hampered our progress in the energy sectors. But at the same time, certain measures have been taken to reduce the effects of corrosion. Over time, the technological effects of corrosion will surely be curtailed.



Cultural effects

Corrosion has had its share in deteriorating the precious artefacts of our ancestors. The modern day pollution in the environment has also not helped. Preserving the beautiful creations of our past has always been important to humans. Several museums around the world have hired special professionals to protect these treasures of our past from corrosion. These artistic relics of our past have immense value to our identity and should surely be preserved from deterioration through corrosion.

These effects illustrate the huge impact, corrosion has on our daily lives. Preventive measures against corrosion must be applied and implemented. The recent advances have brought some good ways to prevent corrosion.

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