August 30, 2016 Jonathan Stross

Green Utilities

My Shop is a extension to Green Utilities. Our objective is to make renewable, heating and energy products everyday items. We have been active in the renewable sector since 2010 and we pride ourself in selling tried and tested products and services not only meet all the green credentials but make sense to your pocket as well.

We have our own R&D department and we work with our suppliers and manufacturers as “Green Partners”, with whom we share good practice following our ethos of being part of a true network.

We hope with the support of our Green Members, installers and Partners we can always bring new, exciting, cost efficient products for our domestic and commercial customer base such as the Vortex Energy Saver.
Old School Vs New School.

We are all about educating our customers, through our great product knowledge, our partnership with universities testing facilities and our growing and popular member zone. We know some people prefer speaking face to face, or over the phone – the “old” school way of thinking. Our “New School” way of thinking is our state of the art online portal, which allows our customers to access all product details to make a educated purchase.
This is backed up by a full system of customer service to both ensure that any selection is ‘right first time’ but also to provide an after sales service which allows peace of mind and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
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