Q. What size of pipe work can Vortex Energy Saver be fitted to on the heating system?

A. The Vortex Energy Saver comes in standard connection size of 28 or 22mm and can be fitted to any size heating system with 28mm pipe size or smaller. The Vortex can easily be adapted to accommodate smaller pipe sizes or can fit most large heating system where the heating system has 28mm or smaller pipes within the heating system by fitting a Vortex on each zone of the heating system.

Q. Is Vortex Energy Saver either complicated or expensive to install on a heating system?

A. No,the Vortex Energy Saver deaerator has only two connections to connect to the central heating system pipework and an auto air vent, which is provided. Including the drain down and re-commission installation should take no more than two hours for retrofit or 20-30 mins if with a new central heating system.

Q. Is the Vortex Energy Saver connected to electricity?

A. No, the Vortex Energy Saver is completely passive with no working parts and does not require an electrical connection.

Q. Can Vortex Energy Saver be fitted to a tank fed or gravity heating system?

A. Yes, Vortex Energy Saver was originally designed to be installed with tank or gravity fed system to great effect. In fact with an indirect hot water cylinder you can save on heating costs for hot water as well.

Q. Can Vortex Energy Saver be installed in a "sealed" heating system?

A. Yes, it was at first thought that there would be little benefit from fitting a Vortex Energy Saver to a sealed system but tests have proven that the benefit to sealed systems is as great as with the older type open vent or tank fed systems.

Q. What is the limitation to the types of heating system that Vortex Energy Saver can be installed with?

A. The Vortex Energy Saver can be installed with any type of heating system with 28mm pipes or smaller within the heating system.It can be installed with any type domestic gas boiler, combi boiler, condensing boiler, oil central heating, solid fuel central heating, electric central heating, oil fired boilers, open vent boiler etc.

Q. How quickly does the Vortex Energy Saver affect the performance of a heating system?

A. The effect on a heating system is almost immediate as soon as the boiler comes back on. Then, over the next three to four weeks the Vortex will continue to remove the Oxygen down to an inert level. With sealed systems the central heating pressure will drop below the required level as air is removed and the central heating pressure will require re-pressurising.

Q. My heating system has had a corrosion inhibitor added, will Vortex Energy Saver still work?

A. Yes. All Boiler manufacturers provide corrosion inhibitors with new boilers. The inhibitor will not affect the way Vortex Energy Saver eliminates dissolved air.

Q. Can Vortex Energy Saver be installed with oil boilers?

A. Yes. Vortex Energy Saver improves the properties of the water in the heating system and so will save on heating costs with all types of oil fired central heating boilers as well as; gas, lpg, solid fuel and electric boilers.

Q. I live in a flat with a fireback boiler and have constant problems with having to bleed radiators, will Vortex Energy Saver help me overcome the problem in my central heating system?

A. Yes, Vortex Energy Saver can eliminate many central heating problems. It has been designed to work with heating systems that have a very low feed and expansion tank and will be a tremendous benefit to your system. It will eliminate all the air that is sucked in to a system with a very low feed and expansion tank very quickly before it can do any harm to your system.

Q. My system is quite old and has always been noisy. Can Vortex Energy Saver help with this problem?

A. Yes. The cause of the noise in this system is air that it has formed bubbles which causes a "kettling" noise. Other noises such as gurgling are also caused by air. Vortex Energy Saver eliminates dissolved and free air which will stop all the central heating problems associated noises caused by air.

Q. I have a combination boiler. Can a Vortex Energy Saver be fitted to it?

A. Yes, The pump on a combination boiler is "on the return", so Vortex Energy Saver is simply fitted to the heating return pipe coming back to the boiler.

Q. I have a "Condensing" Boiler, can a Vortex Energy Saver make improvements to this type of boiler?

A. Because Vortex Energy Saver is installed in the heating system, fitting it to a condensing boiler will still bring about big improvements to your system.

Q. What kind of improvement can Vortex Energy Saver make to a Condensing Combination Boiler?

A. Experience has taught us that with some types of condensing combination boiler, the main primary thermostat needs to be turned down by as much as a third. On other types, where the primary temperature is displayed, the initial reduction in primary temperature is around 10°C, with further reductions necessary.

Q. What primary temperature can a combination boiler be expected to run at with Vortex Energy Saver installed?

A. Where the temperature is displayed, a reduction of primary temperature down to 59°C is possible.

Q. Will the domestic hot water be affected by the fitting of Vortex Energy Saver with a Combination Boiler?

A. Because the DHW. temperature is limited to 50°C, there will be a slightly faster heat up, resulting in less waste water.

Q. How does Vortex Energy Saver work with heat pumps?

A. Generally, the pumping velocities of all types of ground source heat pumps or air source heat pumps are much higher than with gas boilers, Vortex Energy Saver is installed on the "positive" side of the pump. The effect on heat pump is more gradual, because there is not the "sucking" effect, but the end result is a significant improvement to the performance of anair source heat pump or ground or heat pump.

Q. I have a ground source heat pump. Will Vortex Energy Saver be any benefit to the performance of it and how?

A. There are two ways to improve the performance of a ground source heat pump. Vortex Energy Saver may be installed with the ground loop in isolation. This will improve the rate at which the refrigerant absorbs the low grade heat from the ground. A second Vortex Energy Saver installed in the primary circuit will improve the way the heating water conducts the heat from the plate heat exchanger. Savings of 29% have been achieved with ground source heat pumps.

Q. I have a large, old system with some radiators that never get as warm as the rest, will a Vortex Energy Saver make a difference?

A. Yes. It won't be instant, but after a couple of weeks all the radiators should be heating up and at the same temperature.

Q. Where can the Vortex Energy Saver be fitted on the system, there is no room next to the boiler, can it be fitted in the loft?

A. With a normal gas or oil central heating system, Vortex Energy Saver is fitted in such a position such as the airing cupboard where the pump "sucks" the water through it. If necessary, it can go in the loft or any convenient place. It doesn't have to be close to the boiler.

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