August 30, 2016 Jonathan Stross

New Energy co-operative

The Vortex Energy Saver can save up to 29% on your customers heating bills, find out the results other Vortex customers have had

Case Study 1:

CUSTOMER: Mr. B. Melville

LOCATION: Amble, Northumberland

HEATING SYSTEM: Baxi fire back boiler with cylinder

PROBLEMS: System very old and inefficient slow to heat and recover particularly domestic hot water

SOLUTION. Install Vortex.
Mr Melville reported that his system was an old Baxi fire back boiler which was noisy and very inefficient. He was considering a combi but spoke to me about the fitting of Vortex.

Mr Melville fitted Vortex and reported that the improvement to his system was apparent within minutes of turning it on.

Noise levels were greatly reduced and the pump was much quieter. Radiators heat up much faster.

After standing overnight the domestic hot water was still hot. Mr. Melville knows that the hot water heats to a higher temperature which is the reason for this.

He is confident that his gas bills will be much lower.

New Energy Co-Operative

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