Coventry University:

The trial flat showed an average reduction in gas consumption of 35% over a rolling one year period.

University of St Andrews:

The installation at the museum showed a saving of 27% in gas consumption.

Lister Housing Cooperative:

Boiler setting had to be reduced by 20% within 20 minutes of Vortex being installed. Since then the setting has been reduced further and non performing radiators are now heating fully.

Harrogate Borough Council:

The energy consumption on the heat pump fitted with Vortex is 29% less than that on a comparable house without Vortex.

Emotion Energy:

Vortex was installed on an air to water heat pump and there was a difference in radiator temperature from 49°C previously to 55°C.

Notting Hill Housing Trust:

Installing Vortex resulted in savings of 15%, possibly 20% on heating costs and a payback period of approx. 6 months.

DSA Driving Standards Agency:

The results show and average reduction of 19% in Gas consumption with the most benefitting from 30%

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