What you can expect to save on heating costs

The Vortex Energy Saver is an ideal energy saving device to help save on heating costs and prevent corrosion of the heating system. The savings from independent third party testing, monitored systems and feedback from our customers have consistently demonstrated typical savings between 20-30%. In addition to direct energy savings, the Vortex will also reduce maintenance and extend the life of the heating system.

What you can expect to save on heating costs will vary from property to property primarily due to different heating systems having different levels of dissolved Oxygen within the heating system prior to the Vortex being installed. Therefore for illustration purposes we have used the lower end of savings that are typically achieved.

Over and above the direct energy savings, the removal of Oxygen and helping to prevent corrosion will also reduce ongoing maintenance due to rusting of radiators, blocked pipes etc. extend the life of the heating system.  According to the Energy Saving Trust, in the UK tests in laboratories and homes indicate that the efficiency of heating systems can fall by as much as 15% where magnetites created by corrosion are present in the system. Further information on the effect of corrosion is provided on our testing page.

The table below shows expected savings over a 20yr period based on a conservative 20% for direct savings:

save on heating costs

Save on heating costs

Fuel poverty is becoming an increasing issue with gas prices increasing by an average of 8% per year and consistent increases in domestic oil prices. It is important to take action to help save on heating costs.  There are many energy saving solutions and energy saving products to save on heating costs at home readily available.  However none provide as quick a payback period nor offer as many additional benefits as our Vortex Energy Saver deaerator.

 The Vortex Energy Saver deaerator can have a payback as quick as 12 months depending heating spend. What you can save on heating costs can be up to 35%, potentially even higher still. Our highest recorded saving is 35% with Coventry University, however this isn't to say even greater savings haven't been achieved.  


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