Dr. James Prendergast, Tralee Institute of Technology

"With the boiler thermostat controlling the heating system and the system running constantly the level of dissolved oxygen in the system reduced much quicker and reached a level of 0.2 ppm, with the Vortex Energy Saver installed as opposed to 1.2 ppm without the Vortex Energy Saver installed. When the system was controlled by an air thermostat the performance of the boiler was equally impressive. The boiler on time for the duration of both tests was 37.5% for the non-Vortex Energy Saver installed system and 37.86 % for the Vortex Energy Saver installed system. However the average outside temperature was 9.6°C lower when testing with Vortex Energy Saver installed. When the concept of Heating Degree days is applied this equates to an overall improvement in efficiency of 21.75%."

Dr. James Prendergast, Tralee Institute of Technology

"In summary the systems with the Vortex Energy Saver installed outperformed the base system in term of Oxygen depletion, temperatures achieved, hot water temperature recovery and more importantly boiler efficiency leading to considerable savings in fuel and electricity."

P Farrant, TUV NEL:

TUV NEL agreed to witness the testing of the Vortex: "on average the Alpha Bistro installation will use approximately 15% less gas during particular weather conditions when a Vortex is fitted compared to the baseline case when a Vortex is not fitted"

Andrew Ellis, Environmental Strategy Officer Harrogate Council:

"I have checked the property with the Vortex's today and over the last 7.5 months it has used 886kwh. A comparable property with similar occupation over the same period with no Vortex's has used 1245kwh The energy consumption on the heat pump fitted with Vortex is 29% less than that on a comparable house without Vortex."

Alistair Cant, Director Lister Housing Co-operative:

"In conclusion at this stage, after 5 weeks, we are keen to fit Vortex to all instances where we have to install a new boiler/system or where we need to replace an existing boiler."

Notting Hill Housing Trust:

"Installing Vortex has shown we have saved on heating costs 15%, possibly 20% on heating costs"

Emotion Energy:

"Vortex was installed on an air to water heat pump and there was a difference in radiator temperature from 49°C previously to 55°C."

DSA Driving Standards Agency:

"The results show and average reduction of 19% in Gas consumption with the most benefitting from 30%."

Chris Walker, Director Native Architects:

"The boiler is running at a temperature of 60 degrees as opposed to our oil boiler which had to be run at 80 degrees to get the radiators hot and most of the radiators are turned down to mid-way on the TVR's. The Vortex has cut noise levels in the central heating and I no longer have to regularly bleed the radiators. As architects focussing upon energy conservation in our design work we have complete confidence in recommending the Vortex to clients and will continue to do so."

Malcolm Robinson:

"We have recently had our Energy Bills for the winter quarter and therefore have real data against which we can evaluate the cost effectiveness of the Vortex. We cannot compare directly to last year because we are at home more than last year because we are at home more than last year and have therefore set the heating to a longer total duration. The total elapsed time when the heating can be on has increased by about 50 minutes per day. However, in spite of this we will still save on heating costs in total, based upon the winter tariffs, we are saving approximately £30 per winter month due to the Vortex deaerator. When we add to this the fact that the house is more comfortable and the heating is quieter, this is brilliant. Congratulations on such a fantastic device. I can't wait to tell our skeptical heating engineer when I see him next!"

Vinolls Limited, Mr Melvyn:

"The improvement to the system is very positive and began from when the Vortex was fitted into the boiler Primary flow, downstream of the pump. The noise level has been reduced, the pump now runs quieter, the radiators heat up faster, and the next day from the boiler being off during the night time we have more hotter water at the taps, it must be saving energy giving us these results. Our boiler is a Baxi back boiler, and I don't hesitate in saying, just tag on a Vortex I believe its a Winner."

Mr Hart:

"The system which was previously failing was now running perfectly. All noise from the system was now noticeably absent and the room thermostat was now set back at 20°C every radiator in the house was now hot even the conservatory which had previously never heated up. The whole house was now warm and the domestic hot water was hotter and also heated and recovered much quicker."

Mr Tony Goodyear, Heating Engineer:

"The problems the old system was manifesting had disappeared within the first 10 minutes of re- commissioning the system, which was now running almost totally silently, the difference in the boiler performance was such that the main thermostat was turned back a full turn, heat up and recovery time was faster. I have no hesitation in recommending Vortex Energy Saver to cure the ills of heating systems, including those with condensing boilers, where there can still be significant energy savings. The gas bill was around £525.00, but since the installation of Vortex Energy Saver is now £150.00 down on previous bills. This represents a reduction of 28.5%."

Mr. Bill Grayson:

"I installed my Vortex some 2 years ago and since then have been anxious to determine whether it has given any tangible improvement to my central heating system performance. I can say that bleeding of radiators is now a forgotten art as far as our household is concerned - air just does not get into the system. We run the boiler at a lower temperature as recommended and find there is no loss of heating performance across the home - indeed if anything we feel that the system is much less stressed even in the depths of winter. Overall we feel that Vortex has made a significant improvement to our central heating system, improved its performance and reduced the overall running costs. The only evidence to support such a statement is that while fuel costs have risen quite dramatically, the cost of running our heating system has not increased and our heating engineer is much impressed by that experience."

Jennifer Richards:

"I cannot say precisely how much the Vortex has contributed towards savings because of the very cold winter and other improvements I have made to my home, however I would say the heating bill is about 1/3 the average for the house size we have and it logically must be part due to the Vortex, there is no rust buildup in the water either so the claims of how it works seem to be correct."

Retired Plumber in Wiltshire:

 "Our oil consumption fell in the year after the Vortex was installed. We closely monitor our use of oil and have done so for the past ten years at least. Whilst no two winters are the same in terms of weather there was a definite reduction in oil consumption post Vortex installation and that reduction was around 10%. There was also a noticeable reduction in system noise as the air was purged from it although we still get the occasional bubble moving around the pipes. This is more likely to be caused by the layout of our pipework than any issue with Vortex."

Mrs Bela J:

"As soon as the Vortex was installed I found I had to turn down the thermostat on the boiler because the radiators got very much hotter - which implies that the Vortex is achieving something significant."

Mrs Adams:

"We got a £40 rebate back from NPower in their September statement and we have never needed to bleed another radiator." They also reported that for about four weeks after the installation of the Vortex, the radiators became hotter. It must be pointed out that the heating was used through the summer as Mrs Adams mother now lives with them and there is a constant demand for heat for the granny flat which is self-contained having its own kitchen and bathroom, but being heated by the main house boiler.

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